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Eduardo Ramirez


Eduardo was born and raised in Colombia- South America. Since his early years he felt passionate about photography and got involved in the film industry shortly after. He started working in the technician field, as  Key Grip, Gaffer and  1Ac until he became a Cinematographer.


He got his masters degree in Feature Film Cinematography at Prague Film School (Czech Republic) where he had the chance to shoot more than 25 short films in S16mm and 35mm mostly. He also learned about digital cinematography and new techniques.


He has done 13 feature films and has worked in approximately 280 Commercials as Director and DP, and in over 100 music videos as Director and DP. He is a member of the Colombian society of cinematographers (ADFC) and the European Federation of Cinematographers (IMAGO).  As special skill he can shoot aerial and underwater cinematography.